What to expect

Mission statement 

My mission is to help children and adults maintain

 and restore their health by using chiropractic examination

 and specific gentle chiropractic adjustments.

  Chiropractic adjustments correct

 subtle misalignments of spinal vertebra called subluxations.

 This helps restores structural balance, joint mobility, 

soft tissue tone and function, while

 removing interference to the nerve system function

 and maximizes the innate health potential. 

            On your first visit, a thorough health history will be taken.  Attention will be given

 to the symptom or complaint that caused you to seek chiropractic care.

  There will also be care given to understanding your

 present lifestyle,  job duties and

 areas of physical, chemical and emotional stress.

            After your history has been recorded,

 I will explain to you basic information about your spine,

 chiropractic and the methods that are used

 to help clients in our office.

  With your permission we will then begin the examination

 which includes postural analysis, mobility assessment and

 chiropractic spinal examination in which I will use

 my hands to touch (palpate) the muscles and boney structures of the spine

 to determine the precise location of

 spinal misalignments called vertebral subluxations.

 At this point I will explain the type of chiropractic adjustment

 that best suits your needs and we will begin the corrective spinal care.   

            X-rays and other radiographic imaging such as 

MRI and CT scans are sometimes used 

to help diagnose spinal conditions.

  X-rays are not required in many instances,

 and x-rays are used only in a conservative fashion,

 to avoid unnecessary ionizing radiation.

        After the chiropractic adjustment you will be

 advised on when to return to the office for

 follow up examination as indicated by your case history.

  Every new patient office visit

 takes a full 60 minutes and is never rushed.