Services offered

    Chiropractic adjustments (also known at CMT or Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy) is the primary service offered using the latest in gentle, specific, contemporary chiropractic methods.  There are NO twisting, turning or “cracking” manipulations used. 

    Dr. Doheny often uses an adjusting tool called an Arthrostim which produces a gentle and effective adjustment.  The Access Method also provides an ability to not only determine where vertebral subluxations are located, it also helps the doctor to instantly evaluate the effectiveness of each adjustment.

    This includes meningeal adjustments for relief of spinal tension caused by stress.  Relieving meningeal tension creates ease in the spine and allows the vertebral subluxations to be corrected more gently,effectively and permanently. 

    In additon to chiropractic adjustments we offer when needed:

        Healthy lifestyle counseling including exercise, diet and postural advice. 

        Examination of the feet for correction of gait imbalance using “Foot Levelers” custom made spinal pelvic stabilizers/orthotics.                                              

        These are placed in your shoes to help balance weight bearing in the feet, knees, hips and spine.

        Patient Catalog:


         Orthopedic supplies including bed pillows, lumbar back supports, etc are available.

        Whole food supplements from “Standard Process” and “Mediherb” are suggested if nutritional help is needed to support the healing process. 


        Biofreeze topical pain reliever is sold in convenient tubes, roll-on or spray applicators.


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